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Compassion Will Heal The Sick World Full Of Crises

Wars, disasters, politics, technology, violence, immorality, oppression, pandemic… As we corrupt the cycles of the earth with our hands, many of us have lost our physical and mental health in all of this. For 6000 years, we have been experiencing the sad consequences of PATRIARCHAL lovelessness and disrespect for our veins, functioning like DNA. Those of us who have evolved full of these UNCONSCIOUS PREJUDICES have become part of the lives that we have exhausted and destroyed because of the risks that we have endangered our world.

Because of the masculine power-oriented minds contaminated and triggered by traumas, we have lost too many innocent lives, women, children, living species, cells in our brains, bodies, and more forests over the generations. WE’VE PAID too much! And now we have come to a point of universal crisis. One disaster follows another. From one geography to another… It’s as if the most established, most historical lands are rebelling. Our traumas are growing with every event we go through, with every pain. As the evils spread, so do the fears. We are surrounded by having, selfishly consuming, fighting, burning, destroying.

Like the smell of soot after a fire, it smells evil.

WAKE UP ! All the reactions given are just the flutter of our desire to become human, to simplify, to purify, to exist humanly. 

With this great desire and search;

Now all life needs to be renewed and REPAIRED. Life needs nutrition and love, needs to recreate ,ts quality. At the heart of all this, a great integrity of feelings and behavior that will trigger the whole creation and ensure REBIRTH exists : COMPASSION. 

I would like to make sense of compassion for you as a VIRTUE in your mind and define it like this : a state where feelings of empathy and compassion have turned into behavior. Empathy, while more generally expressing our ability to take another person’s point of view and feel in the same way; compassion is when these feelings and thoughts involve a desire to help. And when you have mercy, you extinguish the anger in you. The result ? Just imagine ! Person who has compassion, takes care, gently approaches, helps, gives kindness, establishes closer and meaningful ties. Isn’t that right ? 

Emotion researchers define compassion as the situation in which when you are faced with someone else’s suffering, you feel and experience an active motivation to ease that suffering. But I would like to pay your attention, which should not be confused with self-sacrifice. Often self-sacrifice also involves kind, selfless behavior, but the person is not always motivated by compassion. I would even say that altruism is a great patriarchal illusion that can overshadow compassion. It’s a state of extreme alertness…

On the other hand, scientists have started to map the biological basis of compassion and put forward its evolutionary purpose. This research showed that when we feel COMPASSION, our heart rate slows down, we release the “binding hormone” oxytocin, and areas of the brain linked to feelings of empathy, care and pleasure light up, which usually results ,n our desire to approach and take care of other people and help them. 

Pith of the matter is that this strong virtue is largely inherent in WOMEN. The men ! Please read it before reacting immediately. The physical and esoteric bodies and psyches of women are especially compatible with healing and regeneration. In fact, a woman feels and experiences this awareness in her own self as she evolves in all periods of history. But, unfortunately, it is suppressed. This is the legacy of the influence of the greatest genocide in history by the witchcraft of a woman in the Middle Ages, which has been processed into her cells so far.

However, right now MEN should wake up, see the reasons, and should support this cleansed, purified pure feminine power with their masculine strength.

Let’s start with the answer to the question of why women have this energy in simple terms.

With the uterus and the menstrual cycle, a woman physically creates a life. This is an energy conversion. The energy received from the masculine. Just as men cannot give birth to children, they cannot channel spiritual energy like women. Just as a woman can create a new being when she gives birth to a child and grow any unrequited thing with her love, the female body and soul become a natural center for life to nourish itself.

Women are so in harmony with life and love that those who serve women also serve life. In this case, we can also liken serving Mother Earth to this. In the same way, unlike men, they have the power to renew themselves and heal themselves with menstrual cycles. Then they can cleanse both their own world and the world in which they live. I told you this in great detail on the Voice of the Goddess podcasts…

Let’s get to the fact that compassion finds life in the female body…

Compassion is one of the most important behaviors given to a woman. Although some women have forgotten this feature because of city life, competition, responsibilities, strict patriarchal conditions, COMPASSION is a supreme feminine feature. In the same way, men who have this feminine trait show similar behavior. First of all, he supports the caring woman with his masculine strength. Of course, if a man adequately completes his journey of maturation in himself, he prepares an environment for a woman, creates an environment. He serves the woman, and the woman serves him.

Compassion turns into action with an energy that a woman gives from her chest to the outside, like the child she’s nursing. If she gives compassion, the baby will grow up. She doesn’t give the child only a physical nutrient she is breastfeeding with milk, but also she gives the energy of love in a spiritual sense. A healthy, balanced woman brings WELL-BEING to all areas of life as long as she can do this state of exchange.

Unlike the past, I believe that the world awakening revolution will be started by a Woman and then followed by women and men who have made peace with their femininity. Why and how ?

Human beings are the reflection of nature. Just like the placenta that develops in the uterus looks like the tree of life. Every event that takes place in nature has a trace in the body or evokes a cycle. It’s like the moon and the female cycle that I described in my previous articles.

According to the theory of evolution, we humans are the descendants of the monkey lineage whose spinal cord has become erect over the years, aren’t we? Did you know that leadership in Macaque Monkeys is taken from the male sex by a natural process, which has been ruling for many years, and is now given to the female? In the incident at the Takasakiyama natural zoological park in Japan, the female monkey Yakei became the first female alpha of the community. Nowadays, when women’s associations and women managers are appointed all over society, it is also women who will renew, repair, structure and direct people, nature, societies, family, forest, living things, ecological structures. As I said, this will be hand-in-hand with women at first, and then with men who can support her transformation. A common CONSCIOUSNESS of COMPASSION will develop.

This solidarity and unity will be reborn with feminine structural strength, and the masculine will also serve him very soon with respect and love.

I wish and hope that the feminine and the masculine, who LIVE UNDER EQUAL CONDITIONS, who have met with their compassion for the healing of the world, will live in eternal unity and create a new world.

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