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Gender Balance Programs


1. Evolution of Gender and Patriarchal Misconceptions

Duration: 90 minutes

Purpose: It aims to raise social and individual awareness by taking the participants on a journey equipped with historical, sociological and behavioral sciences and of course mysterious wisdom on the issue of inequality
between women and men in today’s world.

Contents :

Matrilineal Societies in Prehistoric Ages
The Mother Goddess and Her Social Place
Transition to patriarchal structure and its effects
Monotheistic Religions and Perception of Gender
Men and Women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
The Industrial Revolution and Aftermath
The Evolution of Men and Women in the Modern Age
MENTAL & PHYSICAL Status of Women and Men Today

2. Status and Results of Masculine & Feminine Competences

Duration : 90 minutes

Participants: Women and Men
Purpose: To understand the behavioral patterns experienced as a result of imbalances with the awareness of the Inherent Virtue / Competencies that the Women and Men lost with the evolution of the individual and social (mental and physical health, relationship management, solidarity, etc.) results that can be obtained by reaching the balanced states of the feminine and masculine virtues as individuals to help make sense of it.
Contents :
Defining Masculine and Feminine in East and West
The 4 Archetypes of the Individual (Jung)
Virtues of Overly Masculine, Underlie Masculine and
Balanced Masculine
The Overly Feminine, Underlie Feminine, and Balanced
Feminine Virtues
Transformation Journeys
Redefinition of New Feminine and Masculine

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